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    Prevent update to Catalina
    Because of 32 bit apps I'm going to install Catalina on an external drive.

    Other than unticking the box on my existing OS that says automatically update, is there anything else I need to do to prevent the update?

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    Prevent update to Catalina
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    Someone else may chime in to confirm this but I don't think there is anything else that needs to be done.
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    Thanks, I was just wondering in case there was something else I had to do

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    Prevent update to Catalina
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    That should work. Although updates are different than upgrades.
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    Prevent update to Catalina
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    You don't actually say what your current Operating System (OS) is.

    If macOS High Sierra or earlier, then Open App Store > App Store Preferences and Uncheck such boxes as appropriate.

    If running macOS Mojave, then as well as doing this, Open System Preferences > Software Update > Advanced - and once again review the choices on offer and Uncheck the boxes that apply. They are self explanatory.


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