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    View Options not saving as Default

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    View Options not saving as Default
    I'm trying to save my text size across the board in Mojave to Size 13 (when viewing in new Folders, etc.), but it won't save to default -- even when I click "Use as Defaults." Any idea how I can fix this?

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    View Options not saving as Default
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    Where are you accessing this "Size" you are referring to?
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    View Options not saving as Default
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    If you have altered anything manually in a Finder window, that window will not be affected by clicking Use As Defaults. But, any window that you have not changed in any way will "obey" the rules for a higher level window. So, the best you can do is go to the highest level and set things the way you want them and click on Use As Default. Then whenever you encounter a window that doesn't follow the new rules, you have to change it manually.

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