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    Question Using my IMac as a router, questions on security and data transparency.
    Greetings Mac Forums!

    I have a unique situation and I hope either the great braintrust of the forum can answer them or at least point me at someone who can in DM.

    I have an extremely restrictive internet connection at work, the hardline is much less so. If I use the iMac (connected to the hardline) sharing tools to generate a WiFi network with a WPA encryption. What, if any information can The IT team at my work obtain from my devices? What can be tracked? If I do this would a VPN be recommended?

    I have no cell signal in my building, I would like to be able to receive iMessages and emails from my personal accounts in case a family member has an emergency.

    Any info is greatly appreciated!

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    Using my IMac as a router, questions on security and data transparency.
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    If it can be done, let me counsel you not to do it. Your employer has restricted the internet for some reason, doesn't really matter why. And if you attempt to bypass that restriction, you might end up unemployed. Is there a reason your family members cannot simply call on the phone (landline) in case of emergency?

    As for what your company will see, if you succeed in getting the iMac into some sort of WiFi hotspot, it will immediately appear on any and all devices, including all the equipment they have to test the network, so you have zero chance of hiding what you are doing. And if the restrictions are on Internet connections even if the iMac is a WiFi hotspot, you don't have the internet, just a local network with all the same Internet restrictions.

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