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    Jumpy cursor with external monitor
    Guys! Did nobody solve this problem? Any tips? Its still happening to me now - in 2019. What a shame! HELP please!!
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    Jumpy cursor with external monitor
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    Welcome to the forum. What problem are you seeking to solve? I have an external monitor, the mouse is totally smooth. Instead of jumping onto an 8 year old thread, it would have been better to start a new one, describe your system and symptoms so we can see what may be the issue.

    Maybe a Mod will come along and separate this out so we have a new thread. In the meantime, what Mac do you have, what monitor, how is it attached, what mouse are you using, what version of the operating system are you using and can you describe what is happening?

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    Jumpy cursor with external monitor
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    Ask and ye shall receive.

    @OP: Please provide details about your current setup and what you are seeing. Like Jake, I have 2 external monitors connected to my 2019 MBP and am using a Magic Mouse 2 without any jumpiness or anything. Recently I was using a 2017 MBP with a single external monitor and Magic Mouse 2 on Mojave with no issues either.

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    Jumpy cursor with external monitor
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    Same here. I've been using one external monitor with both a MacBook Pro and iMac since at least 2008 and maybe before that. The only times I've experienced a jumpy cursor was when something else was slowing things down.
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