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I don't think the bandwidth is going to be evenly distributed between users unless all users are doing the same thing. So one user at Starbucks could be reading email or surfing online, another might be listening to music/podcast and another downloading a big file. In that use, the bulk of the bandwidth would end up with the downloader, I think. In any event, it's not just divided evenly.
Yes, absolutely!
But I think the expectation Starbucks and those places have when they offer free WiFi is that their customers use that service for email, surfing, music these types of tings, not to download an OS.
Places actually used to limit the time one could stay connected to the net, don't know if that is still true.
I hardly ever use the free WiFi at those places and if I do it's only for a few minutes to check something.

As you said before:
I didn't say the options were good, just that they are pretty much all that's available safely. Sometimes you have to pick the least sucky option...
I think we all agree on that.