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    Cfprefsd taking up CPU
    MacBook Pro 2014 randomly started getting really slow. Checked activity monitor and found a thread about running sudo fs_usage pid # being the cfprefsd.
    I’m getting a bunch of writes saying hfs_update and repeatedly seeing RController.plist. How can I go about fixing this?

    Edit: I closed every application except activity monitor and cfprefsd still takes up a lot of CPU, usually 50+.

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    Cfprefsd taking up CPU
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    According to what I've been reading this is a part of the OS and specifically deals with certain aspects of managing / editing application preferences. Have you installed anything new recently?

    If you recently installed something, try closing that app and seeing if it helps. If it does, you might be dealing with a corrupted .plist file. Consider wiping that app’s settings by using AppCleaner, or by manually deleting any .plist files you find for the application from the Library folder. If that doesn’t help, you’ve found a bug; get in touch with the developer of the problematic app.
    More details here. Its got a little bit of developer speak in it because it mentions several other background processes but I think you'll get the idea.
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    Cfprefsd taking up CPU
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    It may help us tp know which macOS version your MBP is running?
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    Cfprefsd taking up CPU
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    Some info here that might be useful:
    Mac’s Hidden Daemons: Should You Be Exorcising ‘cfprefsd’ and ‘cloudd’?
    Mac’s Hidden Daemons: Should You Be Exorcising 'cfprefsd' and 'cloudd'

    - Patrick

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