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    Operating with TWO OS systems
    Is there a way to have two partitions on my Mac, one with El Capitan and one with the latest OS? Reason is that I have Adobe's CS 6 which may not be compatible on later operating systems
    Also, would need the ability to drag stuff back and forth like photos and files. The only thing El Capitan would do is operate the Adobe product.

    Iphone 6+
    OS El Capitan

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    Yes, it can be done and is done by people who want to play with a beta version of a new OS for example. Follow these instructions to set it up. Make sure you have a valid & verified backup before starting this process.

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    Quick question: Would I make the partition just big enough to hold the downgraded OS and the software that would run on it?

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    Operating with TWO OS systems
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    For any OS version released in the last decade, or maybe longer, you're going to want to leave some blank space on each parttion. The OS will use that soace to write data that can't be held in memory as memory fills up.
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    Whatever principals apply when you are operating a single OS applies in this dual-boot scenario. One of the key ones is leaving at leas 20% of the disk free for the OS to be happy. So ensure that your partitions are large enough to support that.

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