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Thread: Family sharing

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    Family sharing

    Thought I was doing well, by setting up Family Sharing so that my partner could see my Calendar and all its appointments etc. on HER Macbook Pro. But no.

    My Apple ID is quite different from hers, so it wasn't that trap. I tried sending her an invitation, but it kept bouncing at her machine, so tried clicking on Manage Family / Family Members instead, and then put it the Apple ID and password she uses on her Macbook. It did take this, and designated her as Parent/Guardian (not that we've got any kids, but still), and apparently allows her to access iTunes music purchases.

    But what it doesn't seem to do is allow her to see, on her calendar, all the stuff from MY calendar. I've been to the little 'broadcast' icon on my calendars, and put in her name in the Shared With box, and vice versa, on HER calendar I've put my name in the Shared With boxes.

    But still no linkage of calendars.

    What am I doing wrong? I am obviously missing out on some step in the process - can you help me spot it?



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    Family sharing
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    I have "Calendars", that I share with my Family. One is called "Family", and that is generated when you set up Family Sharing, the others are Dr Appts and Work. It's easy enough to share the entire Calendar, just right click on the calendar, select Sharing Settings, and add the other persons Apple ID. By the way, all of my Calendars are "On iCloud" calendars, not "On my Mac" calendars.
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    Thanks Bob, I seem to have cracked it, although not sure how... A little 'incoming' box appeared top left of my iCal calendar (next to the '+') sign, and it was a list of replies to the invitations I'd previously sent out, and anyway, clicking 'yes' on them seems to have synched the two calendars. Apple don't make it easy, do they?


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