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    2010 MacBook Pro and High Sierra
    I have two 2010 MBP with the same Kingston Q500. Neither will boot after Restore. I did Internet Recovery and local recovery. Both install the OS. I can use Disk Utility, etc.. The issue is that the SSD shows as not bootable in Disk Utility and will NOT show as a bootable device in either laptop. That's with High Sierra. I also created a bootable flash drive. Again, it installs the OS, but the OS won't boot. I tried APFS, but High Sierra says it needs to be MacOS Extended, which doesn't make sense, because I though APFS was standard for High Sierra.

    Anyways, I thought about trying Sierra, but I can't get Sierra from apps store. I found download for Combo Update, but it's a DMG and I need to put on flash drive and boot off of it. I did that with, but can't get the

    Someone mentioned try another SSD. I have that same one in a 2012, but there could be a difference.

    I also tried Mohave Patcher. It boots off the flash drive, but freezes as soon as it starts on the Apple logo.

    Any solutions?

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    2010 MacBook Pro and High Sierra
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    Do you have the original DVD’s that came with them?

    When installing High Sierra, you want to pre-format the drive as Mac OS Extended Journaled. During the installation the OS will convert SSD drives only to APFS.

    I don’t believe the 2010 models have Internet Recovery as an option, if the OS is not already installed?
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    We get donated equipment for the school and got these as part of that batch. It goes into Internet Recovery with High Sierra and goes through the installation, but won't recognize it as a bootable drive. I'm trying a BX200 right now. Someone suggested it's an issue with the NVidia MCP79/89 and certain SSDs. Most mention the M500 as a known working drive, but obviously hard to come by. MX500 "might" be an option. They mention several Crucial drives as being compatible. Several mentioned the 850 series from Samsung. I was worried the OWC would be pretty pricey, but they're only $47 for a 240GB drive, so I think I might just do that and make sure of no compatibility issues.

    I do Erase and make it Extended with GUID. They definitely have Internet Recovery.

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    I have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro actually 2 of them, got them non working and got one working, have to put the main board in the other one I have for my boyfriend and then it will work. it is running High Sierra just fine, they won't run Mojave though.

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