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    Problem to access folders/Exit code 8 with Disk utility/Error -36 when trying to back up
    Last week I had to take my mac to get some service as my hard drive was not working properly, taking loads of minutes to turn on (when it turned on) and even changing the folder I selected on the finder taking 20 minutes to load.
    That HDD was placed a secondary hard drive and a new SSD was placed as the primary OS hard drive. Now, I cannot access the folders on the user of the old HDD. Also changing the permissions on get info doesn't seem to work (I'm sure I did, I booted and changed the permissions on Desktop, and it still doesn't allow me access) and the all the other folders permission can't be changed from the SSD. Firevault was off too. When I try to run the Disk Utility First Aid, I get exit code 8. When I boot from the HDD I get error -36 when I try to back up (my 80% done music album is in there ) Also now when I boot from the SSD I get this error message:

    Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 18.29.31.png

    Is there any, any, any way I can access the user subfolders in the HDD from the SSD?
    Or any way to recover the HDD info without booting?
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    Problem to access folders/Exit code 8 with Disk utility/Error -36 when trying to back up
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    You want to change the permissions at the drive level, since you want to be able to use thrills on the drive, and not boot into it, correct?

    It sounds as though the drive is too full, to be useable, or it's dying?

    See if this helps, macOS Sierra: Set permissions for items on your Mac Select the drive itself, or just the folder you need to change the permissions for.
    -- Bob --
    Please backup. Everything has a life cycle, unexpected and warning free. Nothing will last as long as you want it to.

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    Problem to access folders/Exit code 8 with Disk utility/Error -36 when trying to back up
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    Also, were you or are you using File vault or any type of encryption?

    Who did the drive swapping and what was used for any cloning or migration, assuming it was done.

    Personally, in my opinion, I'd say someone did a real screw up job and you now have a Mac that's completely FUBAR and needs a complete fix and restore!!

    - Patrick
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    Problem to access folders/Exit code 8 with Disk utility/Error -36 when trying to back up
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    On the icon of the old drive, do a right-click and then Get Info. At the bottom of the resulting window will be a Sharing & Permissions section.Click on the lock icon below that area and provide an administrator's password to unlock it. Now add your account name by clicking on the "+" below the list of current users. If you are already added, or after you add yourself to the list, click on the Privilege box beside your name and select "Read & Write," and apply that to all of the subfolders. It may take a long time for the permissions to update, so give it a while before trying to get to the files.

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