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Thread: mac os error

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    mac os error
    im trying to update from elcapitan, to either mojave, og high sierra, but get the same error, "canīt transfer the files correct" just after downloading the installation file, from app store, and then start the installation, and as soon as i push Start, the error comes, i canīt even get to where i choose what harddrive to install on.

    i hope you can help meHi

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    mac os error
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    What Mac do you have? Unless you previous downloaded High Sierra from the App Store previously, only Mojave should be available to you. Once downloaded, how big the installer?

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    mac os error
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    Restart into Safe mode, Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac - Apple Support. You may also want to try to use Disk Utility > First Aid on your startup drive?
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