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    Apple ID switching
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    Quote Originally Posted by IWT View Post
    My maths aren't that good either, but using Mr Calculator, a gallon of petrol in the UK is equivalent to $7.20 USD.


    Yikes!!! Maybe it's time to switch habits...

    beer price.jpg

    - Patrick

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    Apple ID switching
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    Prices for gasoline dropped a bit this week, currently at $2.55/Gallon. (Texas prices) And my usual Summer electricity bill (running the AirCon 24/7 set to 78F) averages around $150.00/month. That's with a new low energy unit we recently had installed.

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    Apple ID switching
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    I am currently visiting UK, can confirm that petrol is about 1.33/liter, which works out to be $6.55/gallon at current exchange rates. And ale is room temperature, which is lovely. I don't drink lager. As for AirCon, my rental car has it, the rental property in London did not, nor did the rental property we had in Dorset. Hotels usually do have AirCon. But the temps are such that it is not needed. Today, for example, the high temp is predicted for 11C, or about 50F.

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    Apple ID switching
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    But the temps are such that it is not needed. Today, for example, the high temp is predicted for 11C, or about 50F.
    Hope you're enjoying your visit, Jake. I know you've been here several times before.

    You wait till summer really kicks in. In the South East (Greater London area) temps can easily hit the high seventies or early eighties Fahrenheit and it can be very humid. Indeed, for much of the UK, a modest summer day with humidity can be extremely uncomfortable.

    I lived in Manchester for 29 years and the summers - usually rainy, moderately hot but very humid, made sleeping at night very uncomfortable.

    I'm also impressed that you are getting your petrol at reasonable rates (for us). Here it is the equivalent of just over $7/gallon equivalent.



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