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    Need help removing homesweeeklies!
    I can no longer browse using wifi. In safari i have google set as my home page. but when i open safari i get and it says i can't connect to the server. I've tried changing home page again but google appears to be gray and cant be changed. I can connect to internet using ethernet but google doesn't appear as my home page. I get safefinderformac. I have run malwarebytes and avast which have removed infected files but the problem still persists. I've even tried reinstalling MacOs but it didn't work.

    When i ran Avast there were 6 unreadable files. I just ran it again and it erased one more file. but there are 5 unreadable files still.

    I've tried going into /Library/LaunchAgents
    /Library/Application Support

    I tried doing a search and couldn't find info on this. Sorry if its been discusssed already.

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    Need help removing homesweeeklies!

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    Please download "etrecheck" and run it and post the output here.

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    Need help removing homesweeeklies!
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    I suspect that the culprit files are in your personal user library (inside your home account). That directory is hidden by default and you will have to unhide it. These directions should help. How To: Unhide User Library Folder Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks

    You Can scroll down to the directions for how to do it the Apple way. Look for any suspect files in the library folder.

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