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    Apple pre installed office suite?

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    Apple pre installed office suite?
    Hi folks ... just wanted to know if the apple suite ...

    ie keynote etc is it free?

    I have it both on my iPad Pro 2018 and MacBook.

    I also have Microsoft software on both.

    If pages etc is free I would like to delete office.

    Any guidance


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    Apple pre installed office suite?
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    Yes Pages is free but you say you already have Keynote etc so I'm a bit puzzled. Just have a look on the App Store. As for deleting Office I wouldn't. Unless it's a very old version or not working it's definitely worth keeping. Expensive to replace and it's still the benchmark for documents.

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    Apple pre installed office suite?
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    Yes, the iWork suite is now free (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) for macOS and iOS. As Rod advised, it's probably a good idea to keep your MS Office app unless it's a 32 bit version which will no longer work in the next release of macOS (10.15).

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    Apple pre installed office suite?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yumzone View Post
    Hi folks ... just wanted to know if the apple suite ... is it free?

    I also have Microsoft software on both.

    Any guidance
    Pages, Numbers, and Keynote all used to be free with a new Macintosh, but not free when a new major version was released. However, now they are completely free:

    Keynote (free)
    Keynote on the App Store

    Numbers (free)
    Numbers on the Mac App Store

    Pages (free)
    Pages on the Mac App Store

    However, if you are used to using Microsoft Office, but want an alternative, there a several nice free alternatives out there that might be more familiar to you. (Apple's "Office" suite of products is not terribly similar to Microsoft's.) This is the one that I recommend most highly:

    FreeOffice (free) - FreeOffice for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

    I've slipped FreeOffice onto some client's Mac's, and they didn't even notice that it wasn't Microsoft Office until I told them!
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