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    Folder and File Numbers Out of Sequence
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    I didn't know this either toMACsh. Thank you.

    For this interested it is Home > Settings > My Settings (on left side) > General > Scroll down till you find Number of Posts Per Page > Alter to suit yourself > Save (very bottom of page on Right.


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    Folder and File Numbers Out of Sequence
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    Quote Originally Posted by toMACsh View Post
    I'm up to post #28 on 1 page. I believe I changed a setting way back when to allow more posts per page.
    Quote Originally Posted by ferrarr View Post
    Thanks you for this, I had no idea there was a setting for this. I was on the system default of 15 posts per page.

    Ditto!!! Thanks, and who knew??? Once again, RTFM I guess would help.

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