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    Connecting Snow Leopard and Windows 10 Home
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    That is one of the first 17" Intel Imacs. It's not a G anything. Snow Leopard will not run on any Non Intel Mac so it has to be intel.

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    Connecting Snow Leopard and Windows 10 Home

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    Well, finally I get it Here's the solution (maybe can help someone):

    As it seems that there's not SMBv2 packet for Snow Leopard I found the way to activate SMBv1 packet on Windows10. Initially the protocol is disabled but you can enable it following these steps;

    1) Go to Control Panel > Programs and characteristics > Enable or Disable Windows characteristics (left column). May be is not the same words in the English version, I'm translating from the Spanish one.

    2) Once on the box, find the option labeled "Sharing files SMB 1.0/CFIS protocol compatibility" and mark the three options available.

    3) Restart the computer and you'll able to see and connect Snow Leopard with Windows10.


    Now I can connect and browse shared folders on Windows10 from Snow Leopard but this doesn't work in the reverse way. I added the IP of the iMac in the Windows firewall and Antivirus to avoid blocks but unsuccesfully (I'll continue investigating). Anyway, I can connect both computers in one direction that's enough for me.

    Be in mind that activating the SMBv1 protocol on Windows10 reduces the security of the computer and that's why SMBv2 and SMBv3 were issued.
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