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    can't find files that are in folders

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    can't find files that are in folders
    why is it many times when l search for partial name of a file or the full name, it doesn't show up even though it is there? Here are two egs as attached. Both are in the trash and when l try to search for the names 'The LIZ & JNY Show - April 1, 2019' or 'tweeting' nothing shows up.
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    can't find files that are in folders
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    I don't know how you are searching, but I don't think searching looks in the Trash.

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    can't find files that are in folders
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    If items are in Trash, it is on the assumption that you intended to delete them. Trash is not where you store items and, because of that Spotlight and Search do not include Trash in their searches.

    If you only think that you might want to Trash data, but might on further reflection, might want to recover that same data, put it in a Folder called, say "Maybe", and keep that in your Documents. Then you can make a final choice - delete or keep.

    Anything you put in Trash is a deliberate action on your part and implies deletion.

    No offence intended. Just stating the facts.


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