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    Put Back option not available in Trash Folder?
    I moved a bunch of files to the Trash Folder on my Macbook Pro laptop, and when I opened the Trash, and tried to put them back, it did not have an option 'Put Back' listed??
    So, does this mean that I have to individually remember exactly where each of these hundreds of files went, and put them back manually, or am I doing something wrong here??
    Please clarify for me....
    Thanks in advance!!

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    I'm running Mojave 10.14.4 and when I move a file to the trash and go to the Trash and right click on the file, I have the option to Put Back in the context menu. Or, I can select the file and choose File->Put Back or hit CMD+DEL to put it back.

    What version of macOS are you running? Are you selecting the file before attempting to put back? Is the Put Back option under File visible but greyed out when nothing is selected and available when something is selected?

    Are you selecting multiple files that came from DIFFERENT folders? If so, they cannot be put back in one action. Only all the files that came from the same folder can put back together as a group.

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    Put Back option not available in Trash Folder?
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    I for one did not know about the key combination CMD+DEL so thanks for that tip. I might say though it's very seldom that I put anything in the Trash that I didn't mean to put there. I have though on a few occasions placed a file in the Trash to disable it. Being able to put it back where it came from is very handy in that instance.

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    When NOT in the the Trash, the CMD+DEL key combo can be used to send files from Finder or the Desktop to the Trash without asking for confirmation. ONLY within the Trash does this work backward, so be careful where you hit that combo.

    The Put Back functionality is great when you send something to the trash totally by mistake, that way you don't put it in a new random place and can't find it later on. But I agree that I seldom put things in the trash that I didn't intend and seldom leave stuff in trash either, I usually empty it.

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