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    Lightbulb OS X Serial Number
    I have an old Mac Mini server and I have lost the original serial number. Not realizing the serial number was missing and not in the box, I went ahead and erased the drive and attempted to reinstall OS X Snow Leopard server. I have the original install DVDs but no serial number.

    During the initial setup, it does ask for the serial number and I can't find any way to get pass this screen without a number. The serial number I need is the OS X number. Usually it starts with XSVR-106-000-r-xxx-xxx-xxx......

    I was going to sell the computer which is why I am installing a fresh copy of Snow Leopard server.

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    OS X Serial Number
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    Read this. The last post in this thread, the user contacted apple and apple provided it for them. I hope somehow this helps you.

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