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    Wake iMac for Fax?
    iMac El Capitan,

    I still use the USB fax on the iMac. One of the main reasons why I still use EL Capitan.

    Contrary to Apple, Faxing is still important in this world, and I do enough of it using the USB port with a USB fax modem, works great, easy to use, and free.

    My question is how to I wake my iMac when a Fax is being received. I seem to be losing important documents if the iMac is not awake.

    I have an app named Amphetamine but I am not sure how to use it for this requirement.



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    Wake iMac for Fax?
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    Amphetamine should keep your iMac from sleeping. It's simple to use. You should, however, turn off the screen at a designated time, but that will not impact keeping the iMac awake so that you can receive faxes.

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    Wake iMac for Fax?
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    You can stop your Mac from going to sleep. Look in System Preferences > Energy Saver.

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