I have an old small (128GB) ssd and decided I wanted to backup my system ssd on it with CCC so I could boot up and do some testing without risking my main disk. There was a bit too much data on my main ssd (124GB) for the ssd (which said it had an effective 120GB of space) so I started to remove data from the main ssd and put it on an external 500GB ssd using the Move command. I thought I could always restore it after the backup and boot.

I removed perhaps 12-15GB of stuff I really did not use, but the space displayed by Get Info on the main ssd never changed. It gave me a figure of 124GB before I moved the data and it gave me the same value after I moved the data and after I cleaned the Trash. What am I missing? Why did the Get Info figure not change after moving so much data to an external ssd?