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    Creating a Bootable Installer for MacOS
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    Creating a Bootable Installer for MacOS

    Well it's all kinda relative. In 6 months I will have forgotten how bloody awful it was an"man flu" will seem like a big deal. Today it would be a minor inconvenience.

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    Creating a Bootable Installer for MacOS

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    I am the original O/P of this thread and thought I would report how I fared. Again, what I was trying to do was to install High Sierra as the operating system in a virtual machine created using Parallels. I spent hours trying to create a bootable flash drive, following all of the suggestions made in this thread. Of course, beofre I even opened this thread I had asked the question on the Parallels forums and was directed to create the bootable flash drive with High SIerra on it. I was about to give up when hunting through the Parallels menus one last time I found a well hidden option to create a new virtaul machine using High Sierra. Exactly what I had want ed to do all along. It took an hour or so and all done. Of course I'm glad it's done and really appreciate all the help I've receved here but I literally spent more than 20 hours on this before I found the hidden menu item. Ugh!

    Anyway, job done and thanks again.

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