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Thread: sip disable

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    sip disable
    am using external ssd for boot drive and want to disable sip. When command+r is used the recovery drive comes up for the internal drive, the internal drive is not being used except for storage, how do i get into terminal for the external drive to disable sip........Sierra 10.12 late 2015 21.5 imac

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    sip disable
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    When you disable SIP, you're disabling it for macOS not any particular one drive. Just disable SIP from recovery and it will take of it being disabled for the external boot drive also.

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    Thanks, would you happen to know of any apps. similar to candy bar for customizing icons.

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    sip disable
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    Quote Originally Posted by denniscampbell View Post
    Thanks, would you happen to know of any apps. similar to candy bar for customizing icons.

    You'll find some candy bar comparison software suggestions here:

    Look under the "Similar Software" area.

    - Patrick

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