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    Unlocking iMac with Apple Watch
    Hi, I've set up my security on my iMac so it is unlocked with my Apple Watch, it works fine when I wake it up from sleep.

    However I noticed that I don't need the watch to unlock it from boot up, nor do I need to use my password to get into the iMac if I'm not wearing the watch. I feel that this defeats the purpose of having security on the iMac because if it was stolen somebody would have access to my system without being challenged. I can't see any setting in the security preference to fix this, does anyone know what the issue is?



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    Make sure your settings are NOT set for automatic login. This article tells you how to set up automatic login, so just do the reverse:
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    Unlocking iMac with Apple Watch
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    Jonathan has given you the answer. Thumbs up to him.

    One other thing to check - but from your post, I suspect the setting is fine - is to go again into System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Look at the box adjacent to: "Require Password - Box with x hours - after sleep or screen saver begins"

    In your case, this should be set to "Immediately". And probably is, because your Apple Watch works fine after sleep. Nevertheless, just worth confirming.


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    Great thanks. It was set to automatic login, I've turned it off so hopefully that will sort it. Thanks again.

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    Unlocking iMac with Apple Watch
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    Quote Originally Posted by usagora View Post
    Make sure your settings are NOT set for automatic login. This article tells you how to set up automatic login, so just do the reverse:
    Thumbs up indeed. I think in the entire time I've used Macs I've had this feature on for a handful of hours and that was while testing something. In addition to the problemswith someone gaining easy access to a system I believe it makes it easier for someone to forget their passowrd since it reduces the number of times in a daay that they have to use it.
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