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    Viability of Trim Enabler...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ferrarr View Post
    @RadDave, as Harry said in post #2, System Profiler will be able to tell you, if trim is enabled on those external drives, provided you are using a later version of OS X/macOS.

    I believe, with Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, maybe Mavericks and Yosemite too, trim is not enabled.

    I used it when it was needed, but then Apple added that ability back into OS X/macOS, so it really depends on the version of the OS you are using.
    Quote Originally Posted by ferrarr View Post
    Ian, I don't have an external SSD to test with. But if you look in System Profiler, then select how the external drive is connected, either Thunderbolt or USB.

    I did just find this old question on Tom's Hardware, TRIM on external SSD - Storage - Tom's Hardware, from 2015. It explains that Trim is a SATA command, and not used on external drives at that time.
    Hi Bob - thanks for the comments above and the link - as stated in my previous post, I've already checked for TRIM support on my 2 laptops (on Mojave) and the feature is supported (first pic below from my MBPro) - however, I plugged in my OWC 120 GB SSD into an USB port, but the device is seen in storage and SMART/TRIM support is not included - SO, ran DriveDX which showed SMART support on the external SSD but did not have an entry for TRIM either on the OWC SSD or the internal laptop's drive (2nd pic) - thus, still wondering if TRIM can be used on an external USB SSD? I own 2 presently and have a third on the way (all USB). Dave
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    Viability of Trim Enabler...
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    See if either of these articles help with external Trim support,, and

    For my (limited) understanding, Thunderbolt supposedly will support TRIM, but I haven’t seen or found the proof yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy B. Singer View Post
    It's a very difficult question to answer because it depends on the version of the Mac OS you are running, and the make and model of your SSD. There are a number of possible answers and a lot of confusion because things are different for each SSD you might purchase. (I wrote an article on the lifespan of SSD's and it was a quagmire trying to figure out what SSD's needed what sort of TRIM.)

    The short answer is YES, every SSD needs some sort of TRIM running. TRIM will drastically increase the lifespan of your SSD.

    However, some SSD's use the Mac's built-in TRIM (assuming that you are using a version of the Mac OS that offers TRIM at all, and no, not all versions of the Mac OS do: while other versions of the Mac OS only offer TRIM compatible with certain SSD's), others require a third-party TRIM, and still others provide TRIM through firmware.

    You didn't say which SSD you have. I could ask you which you have, and find out from the manufacturer's Web site and/or the vendor's Web site and tell you which sort of TRIM your SSD requires with your version of the Mac OS. (Actually, you probably should have found this out prior to purchasing an SSD.) But you can do that legwork just as easily as I can. If neither the manufacturer or the company you purchased your SSD from are helpful, come back here and let me know what they had to say, and I'd be happy to get to the bottom of it for you.
    Thanks Randy and to all that gave alot of good information here. I will look into ferrarr's cindori link and thanks for that. Here are the links to the SSD's that I bought if this helps for any compatibility issues; - for MBP - for MBA

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    Viability of Trim Enabler...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BondAMR View Post
    Thanks Randy and to all that gave alot of good information here. I will look into ferrarr's cindori link and thanks for that. Here are the links to the SSD's that I bought if this helps for any compatibility issues;
    You should ask what you should do for TRIM, with your make, model, and year of Macintosh, for that particular model of SSD, here:

    - - - Updated - - -

    or here
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