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Thread: Mojave

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    What does Mojave have that will make me want to buy a new desktop. Mine is a 2009 and supposedly you have to have a 2012 or later. Are there going to be features that
    will make me want a new model? What are they? Hope the DVD burner will work. What else has been biting us in the butt that will be fixed? Thanks

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    Read this first:

    Do some research before asking very generic questions.

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    As Ashwin said, read Apple's write-up on Mojave. I'd also recommend watching YouTube reviews of it. Only you can decide whether it's worth the price of a new machine for what you do with your Mac. If it's not a huge budget decision for you, upgrading a 2009 Mac is a no-brainer. But if funds are tight, then you'll really need to weigh the benefits and perhaps go with a Apple-certified refurbished Mac or buy a used Mac that's just a couple years old if you decide you really want to run Mojave. Or another option would be to start saving now to buy in 6-12 months. I definitely would want to be upgrading by then if I were you.
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