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    creating a virtual machine of my MacBook pro

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    creating a virtual machine of my MacBook pro
    I would like to request the forum to help me with the entire process or direct me where I can find a solution
    for my problem.

    I want to create an image of my MacBook pro so that I can run it on my desktop pc with windows 10.

    This is basically to use some of the applications on my mac on the windows pc.

    Kindly help and reply to rbala31.

    thanks very much
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    creating a virtual machine of my MacBook pro
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    Welcome to our forums.

    Creating a VM of any macOS and running it on a PC violates the Apple EULA. If you wish to run macOS programs we suggest purchasing a Mac and run both macOS and Windows on that machine. There are many used Macs for sale on eBay and other sites. Apple also has an online site that stocks refurbished Macs which are like new.

    Sorry we can not be of more help.

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