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    User Account/Home Folder Name
    Thks for ur care about my problem.
    I'm having problems giving my user accounts a proper name.

    When my laptop was given to me by my school, my home folder name was numeric (eg. 17839). I had to create a new user account (Admin as well) because I was having problems.

    When I deleted the old, and brought in the new, I saw a problem. I couldn't make my home folder name numeric. I need to get this sorted out, but I really don't know how to do this. i also don't understand how my school made it numeric in the first place. All help is appreciated.

    Thks again!!!

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    User Account/Home Folder Name
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    When you make an account it asks for your name and a short name. Your user folder is your short name. (also your login name)
    So just make your short name a number.
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