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    2016 Air Garageband & Logic Suddenly Not Working

    I am inquiring on the behalf of one of my high school students. I've had macs since 09, but have never run into this type of problem. Also I do not know every term to use when talking about this stuff - if I make a mistake, please be understanding and point out my error nicely

    He records music with a usb audio interface with his 2016 Macbook Air and was not having any issues using Garageband and Logic to record and mix music until a week ago. I had him bring in his computer and this is what I found:

    - OS updates current

    - He says all updates are current on his software as well

    - He says he hasn't had to install any drivers for his usb audio interface that he uses to record and mix music

    - Garageband will open, be fully functional with the graphic / button portion of the screen, but the taskbar at the top does not show the File, Edit, Track, Record, etc. pull down menus. The program will also play through a project he has recorded, but will not put sound through the internal speakers (that we tested in my class) and / or the interface at his house.

    - On the Garageband startup screen for a new project it will not allow him to put a different audio output and is "frozen" on the usb interface setting. He said that before this setting would automatically default to the internal speakers when the usb interface was not connected. However in my class it was selected and not possible to change, even though the interface was not connected.

    - Logic will not open from the launchpad, Finder / Applications folder, etc. at all.

    Those are the details I have so far. TBH I had asked him to check the system preferences for audio out, but I forgot what he had said it was set to, and I got too distracted with all of the other software issues he was having when I was checking out his computer today to check and see what it was set to. Based on the scope of the issues he's having, it doesn't seem to be a simple matter of changing the audio output though.

    He said someone recommended a full wipe of the hard drive / reinstall of OS. I figured with the little we knew so far, that might be a bigger step than necessary if we could find out what more knowledgable people had to say. Any info / approaches to solving the problem are appreciated. I said last resort could be bringing it to the Apple store - I'm pretty cautious when working on other people's stuff so I'd rather have him do that than try to do major surgery myself (lately I've been into auto-tech more than working with computers besides messing around with my 2013 MB Pro). Thank you.


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    2016 Air Garageband & Logic Suddenly Not Working
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    I'm not familiar with Garage Band (GB), and just for clarification purposes, could you specify which OS X/macOS version is running on the MacBook Air? When you say "OS updates current", it does not specify which OS version it is running.

    Also, which version of GB? This may help identify where the issue is.

    Is GB opening full screen? If you move the cursor up tp the top and keep pushing it up, does the menu bar show? If so, click the green button, doing this which move the GB window, out of an open "Space". However, while using GB, you can swipe left or right, to move to a different "Space".
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    Got it. I'll try to get that info from the student. I kind of thought of posting to a forum after the fact and I didn't have his computer in front of me.

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    2016 Air Garageband & Logic Suddenly Not Working
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    Haven't heard these issues, but have over the years had a little fun with OSX and setting of the audio output/inputs. For real issues with the software, sometimes a good cleaning is a start, repair permissions, checking the disk for errors, all done in disk utility (found in the utilities folder in applications folder) or using what many prefer using, onyx which does all that for you (ensure you have correct version for your OS)

    Audio is a funny one, when it works, many of us audios pros have a saying, if it aint broke don't fix it, most of us never update to the latest OS. Ever. Im always at least one, or 2 OSs behind. Yes they say everything is "qualified" for the latest but that means very little in terms of true stability, ask any audio pro. Now garage band and logic being apple related they should work well, but I do know this, almost every audio person I know refuses to run high Sierra, because it is a world of hurt for most anyone I know who tried. A few have had success. I would be concerned about the USB audio interface and it's drivers/software. You have to be super careful about hitting the "update" button on OSX, because even the simplest of point updates can change, everything.

    if all else fails, a full reinstall (try to stay away from high Sierra, I'm running Sierra right now with logic and pro tools with multiple thunderbolt audio interfaces by UA) and reinstall logic and GarageBand. be sure to run the disk utilities. Make sure the audio interface is qualified for the OS before installing! Many many USB interfaces were left in the dust as of EL Captain OSX so do check that. Hope it resolves I know too well how frustrating that circle of hurt can be. (thats why I never touch the update button unless I HAVE to...)

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