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Thread: keychain !!!!

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    keychain !!!!
    I just replaced my old iMac with a used one. Learning all kinds of new things (which I don't mind) but I am always afraid if I turn off something I will need it later and never get it back.
    The system I now have is OS 10 El Capitan.
    As I am working I frequently get requests to fill in my password for some Keychain. eg. Mail or iCloud.
    It is just annoying to stop all the time and type in that stupid little password.
    Can I turn off these requests and will it have any consequences?

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    keychain !!!!
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    Those may be requests from your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc) to store a password in your Keychain so that the next time it can enter it for you. It's entirely safe and should be used as long as you select good passwords that are hard to figure out for someone else. You do not want to turn off those requests but instead should take advantage of them.

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    keychain !!!!
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    I'm just wondering how, if any migration was done as the user login password and the keychain password are normally the same. But if things weren't migrated properly or a username or password was changed, then they won't be in sync so to speak and the keychain won't unlock automatically.

    And I'd have to check if there's a preference or option somewhere to change that behavior.

    - Patrick

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