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    Impossible to "Save As" from Chrome or Office (High Sierra)
    Hi Everyone from France !

    Well as could't find any right answer on my own language I'm going to extend my luck here

    I have a big issue that not allow me anymore to "Save As" documents or even download from web email.

    In fact I have an error that says : that could not connect to the below window.
    Actually when I try from Chrome or any other browser it crush. I have the feeling that the Macbook have some problem to connect to HD when it comes to save a document.

    Strange it is, that if I downgrade Excel to an old version it works, but as I have this problem also on Chrome I guess is something not just related to Office.

    Hope you guys can help


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    Impossible to "Save As" from Chrome or Office (High Sierra)
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    Welcome to our forums.

    Your English is very good, much better than my French.

    Chrome (latest version) will only show "Save Page As" not "Save As". However, the save as function is still there when using Safari. As for Office, you should have a Save As function for all the Office apps. Which version of macOS are you using and which version of Office are you running?

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