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    Images are opened in wrong application

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    Images are opened in wrong application
    Hi. I want all my downloaded images to open in Preview.

    But now for some weeks – if I open Firefox-downloaded jpg images, they usually open in Fireworks CS6. If I open images downloaded from Safari, they open in Preview.

    How can this problem be fixed so Preview will open all jpg images?


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    Images are opened in wrong application
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    1. Get rid of Firefox.

    2. When opening an image you downloaded with Firefox, right click on the image and click on "open with" and then choose Preview. Then click on open all with the same.

    However, the best course of action is to follow what I wrote in #1.

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    Images are opened in wrong application
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    Open Finder and find a file for each of the types. Then click CMD+i on it to open the Info panel. Expand the Open With option and select Preview for the file. Repeat this for all the file types you care about.

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    Images are opened in wrong application
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    IF you do what Raz0rEdge suggested, when you select Preview, then check the Change All button to make the change apply to ALL files of that type.

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