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    Cursor Jumping El Capitan
    My cursor jumps all over the place when I am typing, lifting and inserting text into places on my page where it was not intended. I have just replaced the battery so that doesn't seem to be the problem. I know this is an old system, but it still runs "almost" perfectly! I'd love any suggestions, apps, etc. that could help prevent this issue. I know others have been able to turn off their track pad while typing, but my "Track Pad" page in System Preferences does not allow me to do that. Thank you in advance!

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    Cursor Jumping El Capitan
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    First off it might help to know which Mac we are working with here. I gather from the mention of replacing the battery that this is an older notebook but which one?

    I had a similar problem with the trackpad on my 2008 MacBook Pro. In addition to a battery issue, which you seem to have addressed I discovered that the palm of my hand was dragging across the trackpad at times while typing. Typing teacher once referred to it as lazy hands. I had to fiddle with the settings a bit to get things to something that worked better for me. One of the changes I made was to set things to require a physical click and two finger activity for a right click.
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    Cursor Jumping El Capitan
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    I also have my keyboard at a slight angle up so that there is more clearance between my hands and the trackpad. I achieve the angle with a rack that holds the MBP at a slight angle. Here is a link to something similar:

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    Cursor Jumping El Capitan
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    It would certainly help to know which Mac you have? Unless it's a very old machine the Trackpad can be turned off. I was able to turn off the Trackpad on my old 2008 MacBook.

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    Cursor Jumping El Capitan
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    Along the theme that others have mentioned (battery & trackpad). Depending on the age of this computer & since the battery needed replacement...the old battery may have swelled...put pressure on the underside of the trackpad...and maybe something got damaged. What Slydude mentioned is very possible (unintentionally touching the trackpad with the side of your palm)...and of course there's always the possibility that the trackpad is faulty.

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    Cursor Jumping El Capitan
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    Cursor jumping after new battery replacement
    I too have replaced the battery in my MacBook Pro late 2011 model running High Sierra X.13.6, I went through the process of configuring the battery and all seemed to be running well. However I jumped the gun and all of a sudden he machine started running slower and especially the cursor which jumped around or refused to move. If I closed the machine, giving it a chance to rest the cursor would then move normally however after a while it would start it's frustrating slowness making it impossible to work. I initially thought it was a virus but one has not shown up in any of the scans so I suspect the fault is somehow connected to the new battery!!! I'd be grateful of any ideas or thoughts on this problem. Many thanks. Colin

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