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    partitioning 2011 MacBook Pro for dual boot
    I'm using a Late 2011 MacBook Pro with OS X Lion 10.7.5. I can no longer FaceTime some users while others are fine. I suspect this is because my version is old. I am reluctant to update the OS because I have a lot of other expensive software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop etc.) which I'm worried would cease to function. (I'm assuming I can't just update Facetime and other .)

    Is it possible to partition my 750 GB drive (of which 450GB are free) and create a complete disc image, then update that? I could then see if everything still works and delete the original (or delete the new one and update the original). If Photoshop etc. didn't work I could presumably uninstall all those big programs and keep the newly updated OS on the second partition just for FaceTime etc.

    Possible?! If so, what's the best way to proceed?


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    partitioning 2011 MacBook Pro for dual boot
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    Rather than go through all that trouble, why don't you take a look and see if your apps will work with the latest version of macOS or even a lower but higher version than you're using now. Your macOS version (Lion) is no longer supported by Apple and is actually a security risk when on the web.

    Go to the Roaring Apps site and see how your apps play out with the various versions of macOS.

    Roaring Apps

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