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    Resetting Mac OS Sierra Administrator Password
    Hi all, I'm using a Mac running on OS Sierra, I set the Parental Controls myself, and there is only one account linked to this Mac. It seems that I must've set something wrongly because I clicked the option to "Convert this account to administrator account" or something along that line. Now when I try to change the Parental Controls by clicking on the Lock inside System Preferences to make changes, I cannot enter an administrator or username correctly password correctly.

    Can somebody tell me if I'm doing something wrong, like if I'm already inside the Parental Controls (seems unlikely) or if there's anyway to reset the Parental Controls without having to lose my current account, any data, or having to re-use my Microsoft Key (cause thats just troublesome).

    Thank you very much.

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    Extra Info
    Btw, I have tried both Command S and Command R, Command S does not work, still ends up turning on as per normal, Command R leads me to a black screen with a white lock icon and a password bar to type, with no cursor.

    Have no idea what to do.

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    Resetting Mac OS Sierra Administrator Password
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    Hi joule

    A warm welcome to Mac-Forums.

    It would be nice if you could recall accurately each step you took going from "working perfectly" to "your present situation".

    For example, back when things were normal, was your sole user account an Admin account? It's hard to see how it couldn't be if you genuinely only have one account because there has to be at least one Admin account on the system. Which is why I don't understand the phrase "convert this account to an Admin Account". If the only account, it must have been Admin to start with.

    Next up; what makes you so certain that you need to reset your Admin PW? - apart from when you change Parental Controls.

    And are you certain that you are not confusing your System Admin PW with your Apple ID? Apple ID and iCloud ID are NOT the same as your Admin PW.

    More difficulties arise because you say you cannot boot into Safe Mode or Recovery Mode.

    I am posting 2 links that tell you how to reset an Admin PW - one short and sweet, the other discussing all sorts of possibilities. But the bottom line is that you need to be able to boot into Recovery Mode (Cmd + R).


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