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    How to open a Sparse Disk Image Bundle from external HD
    I have a copy with my old data from my TimeMaschine on my EXT HD. It's a Sparse Disk Image Bundle file size almost 500GB. I need to find a few older folders that are in the Sparse Disk Image Bundle.

    How can I open the 500GB of old files from my EXT HD while the EXT HD is being attached to my MacBook?

    Hope someone can help me, I really need to access my old folders

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    Welcome to the forum.

    As far as I know, only Time Machine can open the sparcebundle file. Have you tried that? Sparcebundle is the format TM uses for networked drives, not directly attached drives.

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    Thank you. I have not tried to open from my TM. You mean that I need to transfer the 500GB from my EXT HD to my TM Airport Extreme first and then access the data? If yes can you please let me know:
    a) how to copy from my EXT HD to the TM Airport Extreme
    b) if the 500GB data is moved to my TM how to access the data

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    How to open a Sparse Disk Image Bundle from external HD

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