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    Prevent external drive to show
    I have an external SSD with two partitions; one for Windows and the other for general storage. Does anyone know how to prevent the Windows partition to show on my Mac? I would prefer to just show the one for general storage.

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    Prevent external drive to show
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    When the external drive is plugged in, macOS will automatically mount and display all recognized partitions by default. There isn't a method to specify which partitions should be mounted and which should be ignored. You can name the partitions in such a way to avoid accidentally using the wrong one..

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    Prevent external drive to show
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    You can "eject" the partition. Right click, select Eject. It may ask you if you want to eject "All Partitions", but you should be able to eject just the single partition. It will mount again if you shut down then start up, or if you restart the Mac.
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