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    Can't update to 10.12
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    @Bob, Patrick, Jake, Harry

    I think the explanation for the "is it in Purchased or is it not" is as follows:

    The OS with which the Mac shipped will never show in Purchased until the next version is launched and subsequently installed on that Mac. Then it shows up in Purchased.

    For example, my main iMac shipped with macOS Sierra, which is still current, and doesn't show up in Purchased or indeed anywhere. But I can see all the versions of OS that I have used on all my previous Macs under purchased.

    Does that help, or add to the confusion?


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    Can't update to 10.12
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    Quote Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
    … It always appears in the Purchased column. …

    Sorry, Nope. Not always.

    Quote Originally Posted by IWT View Post
    @Bob, Patrick, Jake, Harry
    … … …
    Does that help, or add to the confusion?


    I guess so. But definitely adds to the confusion and not consistent with my own Macs and my situation.

    Just add it to Apple's list of unknown-inconsistencies I guess.

    - Patrick

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    Can't update to 10.12
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    Either way, it should not matter, if you purchased it, it should show in Purchased. Any other App as soon as you click on Get, it will show on the Purchased page.

    Right now, my current Mac mini (2014 model), shipped (to me) with El Capitan, I have Yosemite and El Capitan on an external drive, and Sierra on the internal drive. I have two Apple ID's and my first Apple ID has Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, and El Capitan, that show in Purchased. Sierra does not, and I may not have used this Apple ID to get it, but I still can and will. I also have a newer Apple ID, that has Mavericks, and El Capitan, which show in Purchased. This is my current in use Apple ID and is the ID I used to download Sierra.

    The issue may be that my admin account on my Mac mini is not associated with an Apple ID. When I put my SSD drive in, I just did a clean install of Sierra and have moved files I needed, and installed any Apps I need as well. All OS updates are done through this user account. I will sometime soon redo the Sierra install and use one of the Apple ID's to set up the admin user account and see if that helps, not sure though.
    -- Bob --
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