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    Best OS for Mac mini late 2009
    Tempted to go back to Leopard as it's the OS my Desktop came with.
    However I'm being suggested to get Maverick.

    What do you all suggest?

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    Best OS for Mac mini late 2009
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    Well going back to Leopard would see you using a no longer supported OS - so no security updates which could leave you vulnerable. And your system would be woefully out of date now.

    I think the most up to date OS you can run on your Mac mini is El Capitan. This is only one generation old so you'd hope would remain supported by Apple for some time.

    How much RAM does your Mac mini have? Apple state that El Capitan will run with only 2GB of RAM but I'm not so sure it would perform at its best with less than 4GB installed.
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    Best OS for Mac mini late 2009

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    Your Mini can run up to 8GB of memory, not the original 4GB as suggested by Apple at the time of release. I would second Nickyr's suggestion of El Capitan OS X.11.6.
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    How much should it be to have the current 2GB+2GB replaced by 4GB+4GB?

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    Best OS for Mac mini late 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by renzopanta View Post
    How much should it be to have the current 2GB+2GB replaced by 4GB+4GB?
    Depending on your location, Crucial and Other World Computing are often recommended as websites to purchase replacement RAM - check the links for what is specifically needed and the pricing. Dave
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