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    2015 MB Air- Any downside to upgrading to Sierra?

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    Question 2015 MB Air- Any downside to upgrading to Sierra?
    Just got this 2015 Air and it has El Capitan. Any thing I need to know. iTunes wants me to upgrade to Sierra. I know my machine won't have an issue. But I don't know if there are issues with Sierra. Should I wait or just upgrade now? I'm not a computer geek. I don't do a lot of fancy stuff. Old school
    P.s. I still have a flip phone!

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    2015 MB Air- Any downside to upgrading to Sierra?
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    I have been using Sierra since it was released and I have not had any issue with it. Right now, I am using it on my Late 2014 Mac mini with 8gb ram and it's is going good. I usually have open iTunes, Safari, Calendar, and maybe one or two others, nothing demanding, but it performs well.
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    2015 MB Air- Any downside to upgrading to Sierra?
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    It's a 2015 Apple computer. Whatta ya gonna El Capitan on it for the next 109 years!

    Just teasing...Sierra is fine.

    - Nick

    p.s. A VERY nice upgrade from your old 2008 MacBook Pro!
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