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    Trouble with laptop safari reading list. Bug?
    Hello everyone,
    I'm having a problem with my Safari reading list. I can no longer remove items from it. The small gray X in the top right corner of the individual items has disappeared. So now I have about 15 articles which I cannot remove.

    I've tried clearing the cache, resetting history and removing cookies as best as I could, but all these little cleanup features are more scattered on my current macbook (OS X El Capitan Pro Retina 10.11.6) than on my previous one, so I may have missed something. I can't seem to find anybody online with the similar problem or solution.

    Any advice, help?
    Thanks, Scott

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    Trouble with laptop safari reading list.  Bug?
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    I just do the equivalent of a right click on the item and pick Remove Item from the choices

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