Hi. I'm copying all my internal drive material to an external drive. One of my internal drives has more than one partitions and one of them is a HDD clone that I had made. I would like to keep this HDD clone intact and have it as a partition on my new external drive. How do I go about copying it over so that it will function as it should?

Also, the original partition I had made for the clone was 250gb but it only used 55gb of space, so I want to make the partition on the external 65gb so as not to waste space. Is this doable? Does it matter what size the partition for the clone is? I'm not sure why I chose to make it 250gb except that I was planning on getting a 250gb SSD. I can still put the clone image onto a bigger drive if I make it 65gb though, right?

I have partitioned the external drive and created a partition for the clone. Can I just use Forklift to copy everything over or is there a special way I need to do this to retain the ability to use the clone properly? Or should I use CCC? Can I take it from a 250gb clone to a 65gb clone using CCC?

Do I just treat the original clone as a regular HDD and make a clone of that to the 65gb partition?

The HDD clone is of Snow Leopard and I'm using a system running 10.7.5 to copy everything.


Additionally, can anyone tell me if my "Harpertown" system can run Mountain Lion? I don't know what year it was built. I'm planning on upgrading the HDD and OS once I get everything off of it.