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Thread: icloud backup?

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    icloud backup?
    Can I back up my MBP to icloud?

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    icloud backup?
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    I guess you could if you pay for the space and you're satisfied with how it works…:

    And you might want to checkout this and some other sites:

    - Patrick
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    icloud backup?
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    Not automatically like it works on the iPhone. You can use a service such as Backblaze that will do this for you.
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    icloud backup?
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    When 1Tb of portable storage on a USB External HD is around $100.00 why would you want to backup an entire computer to iCloud? It is after all only the data not the operating system or third part applications that you would be backing up.
    1Tb storage in the US costs $10.00/month.
    There is also the question of purpose. Why do we need backups or off site storage?
    Answers may include, in case of damage to a device, loss or theft, corruption or accidental erasure or to expand our storage.
    If it is the latter then a portable HD is definitely the way to go. Accessing files from cloud storage on a regular basis is slow even with a fast broadband connection however for archiving it is ideal.
    If it is for any of the other reasons a local backup will enable you to backup/restore all of your data including applications much faster and give you a lot more control over your backups.
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