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    trouble getting wireless keyboard to pair
    apple wireless keyboard model A1016 trouble pairing with mbp 10.10.3. I get to the spot where I have to enter the #'s to pair and despite entering multiple times its not working. any ideas?
    this is where it gets stuck
    I have also tried from the keyboard pref panel, same results

    im not getting the led on caps lock either when im trying to put in the numbers if i hit caps not sure if that information is helpful

    it seems like its not registering any keyboard input at all when it comes time to input the numbers
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    trouble getting wireless keyboard to pair
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    You didn't tell us which Mac you have, but try doing a SMC reset first, and if that doesn't work, also do a NVRAM reset. Also make sure that you have nothing else in the general area of your Mac that might be interfering with BT especially another BT device.

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    I tried this with my mbp 2012 and an older iMac and it has the same issue on both wich is bizzarre because it was working before the batteries died.

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