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    Did the same stupid thing
    Installed El Capitan and couldn't connect to two of my email accounts. Tried reinstalling but the software wouldn't allow it. After hours of fruitless effort I reinstalled YOSEMNITE. NO PROBLEMS at all and it worked beautifully (like it's done for months). Also heard a story from a friend about DISK UTILITY: didn't recognize his RAIDS any more and there was no option to install RAIDS in the new version. Don't know what Apple's doing up in Cupertino but this reminds me of the worst APPLE update of all time: 7.5!

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    I do experience this too, I hope someone will share how do they fixed it.

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    Mail problem after El Capitan upgrade
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    Did either of you try deleting the account from Mail and reinstalling it?
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    Mail problem after El Capitan upgrade

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    Thanks chscag for your answers. I do have an iPhone that uses Mail and it has been acting funny in that it won't e-mail pictures I take at work, to my Windows account at my work desk. It is a big relief to know that Apple support can retrieve my saved e-mail. I have Time Machine plugged in to the back of this computer and always running, so I hope i'm using it in the correct way to have regular back-ups as you have mentioned.

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