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    Music from audio cassettes to iMac
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    So my question is... are these mini-dvd connections notoriously flaky? And if so what is the best way to deal with it?
    I don't know as I'm not really associated with Mac repairs for the last few years, but a good currently active Mac Tech might know.

    I believe that over the years, Apple has used or needed longer pins than "standard" on some connections. Maybe they did the same on your model??? I don't know. Sorry.

    - Patrick

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    Music from audio cassettes to iMac
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    Is this the hdmi port on the Mac? Or the one into the source unit, it wasnít clear.

    If in the Mac, that seems strange to me unless there was some wrenching of the cable at the Mac. Either that, or the cable is suspect, and Iíve had a number of hdmi cables go on me, they donít seem to be all created equal. Thereís probably a few here thatíd Know more about thansoecifically than my personal anecdotes though.

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