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    Question Photoshop CS 6 update for MacBook Retina 2015
    Hi everybody,

    I just bought the new MacBook 2015 Retina and are actually quite happy with it so far. But I just installed my Photoshop CS6 Version and realized that it is not displaying the content in the Retina resolution. A search on the internet gave solutions for that kind of Photoshop version, but apparently for an older version of the Mac. So I am kinda confused right now, is there no support for it anymore or do I just have to wait or is there a workaround here?

    Thanks for your help,


    PS: I do not want to upgrade to CC

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    Photoshop CS 6 update for MacBook Retina 2015
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    Hi, Welcome to Mac-Forums.

    As to you not telling me what version PS CS6 you have, I can only point you too this Adobe blog post, which explains there is support if you update to PS CS6 13.0.1. for perpetual customers (those with the box set)

    Retina Display Support and Photoshop CS6 Julieanne Kost's Blog
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    It is working now, I had to login with my Adobe ID, then I was able to update

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