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    Advice on migrating from a G4 tower running 10.5 to a 2015 mac mini on 10.10
    Hi All,

    Totally new to this forum, hoping someone can help

    The time has come to replace our geriatric G4 tower that we use as our media server.

    It's running leopard and uses two external 1TB HDDs connected via firewire.

    I need to migrate the files on the HDD's to a 2015 mac mini, that will have 2 additional 4TB HDD's connect via USB 3.

    Any idea's? I understand that I don't have an OSX upgrade path as its a PowerPC mac making it stuck on 10.5.

    Will 10.10 play nicely with 10.5's Time Machine backup?

    Looking for the path of least resistance here! Any thoughts appreciated. I have not yet attempted the data migration as the Mac mini is still shipping, so am trying to formulate a plan ahead of time.

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    Advice on migrating from a G4 tower running 10.5 to a 2015 mac mini on 10.10
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    Do the external firewire disks also have USB?

    Otherwise you could use a firewire to usb adaptor

    And your time machine back-up should be OK, but you'll have to consider updating any programs you have that do not have more recent intel versions
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    Thanks for your reply.

    External HDD are in a caddy so I can easily swap them out to a usb housing, my main concerns are compatibility issues between Leopard and Yosemite.

    But like you said, the leopard Time Machine back should be okay - so I am now hoping it is a simple transfer.

    The server is simply a glorified NAS, it doesn't handle emails or anything.

    So as long as the two versions of OSX play nice, sounds like I'm okay. Will update once the Mac Mini arrives.


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    Advice on migrating from a G4 tower running 10.5 to a 2015 mac mini on 10.10
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    Well it depends what is on the TM backup concerning 'playing nice'.

    For example,older PowerPC applications will not run on anything later than Snow Leopard OS X.6 as Rosetta was culled with the introduction of Lion OS X.7. PowerPC apps include Office 2004 and similarly old applications and games. Go the the Application folder on the G4 and see if many are listed as PowerPC.
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    No PPC apps - our workstation macs are all on 10.6 (will upgrade them to 10.10 shortly) running Adobe CS3.

    So l linked the G4 to the Mini using ethernet and experimented with a few dirrect file transfers. Got permission problems with around 91,000 files! Most of them being that the file are locked.

    Found this from mason.kramer: How to batch unlock numerous files within subfolders/folders/directory????? - MacRumors Forums

    The G4 totally chocked trying (it's almost 1TB) - even leaving it to process overnight.

    So the next move is to try the time machine back up, once I have the correct USB cable for the drives enclosure.

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