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    Question Certificate installation trouble
    I have done a little Mac support, but I am not familiar with this area.

    I have a user at a remote office that is having trouble installing a certificate. She reports that in the end when she enters the password into the Login Keychain, it is fine, but then it asks for Keychain Access and requires another password. The instructions we have say nothing about a 2nd password. Is this a symptom that she did something wrong, or is there another password that she needs? Which direction should I look?


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    Certificate installation trouble
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    Keychain Access is asking for the computer's Administrator password. Did you user try that?

    The Administrator password is the one that was in place when the machine was initially set up (unless the keychain password was specifically changed later on). If the computer's admin password changed at some point you may need to try an "old" password.

    Check this page on Apple's site.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the tip! Turns out there was a problem related to Adobe Air and certificates named PrivateEncryptedDataK. We have uninstalled Adobe Air and deleted those certificates, but it is giving us a "This certificate is already installed as a certificate authority" error. Which I don't understand because the wifi still does not work because we never completed the installation properly. Do you have a suggestion of where I should go to see if there is a partially installed certificate that needs deletion?

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