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    Downgrade from Yosemite to Maverick
    I would like to ask you if you could help on getting this old mac book air that I purchased as a second hand.

    The model is: W891003B22E

    It doesnt have a time machine back up. It looks that has a partition drive, and the only files I would like to keep is the Office software that came whit it.

    It has installed the Yosemite and reading about it it looks that causes more problems than help. I would like to return it to MAverick or similar depending on your advice.

    The Internet now has stopped working and the message says something like ' hardware not installed' and is not connecting to the internet now. Although I noticed its intermitent. But now I cant use the restore as I haven't got an ethernet cable

    Could the community please help?

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    Downgrade from Yosemite to Maverick
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    Quote Originally Posted by pepewayne View Post
    It has installed the Yosemite and reading about it it looks that causes more problems than help. I would like to return it to MAverick or similar depending on your advice.
    Firstly. The number you posted above is not a model number…it is the computers serial number. Just wanted to mention that so you knew.

    Second. Have you download Mavericks previously? If not…Mavericks is currently not available for download.

    Third. This is a pretty old MacBook Air model (from 2008). It can run OS versions from OS 10.5.5 thru 10.10 (Yosemite). If you have not downloaded Mavericks previously…then the next newest OS version is Mountain Lion (10.8)…and costs $19.99.


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    Downgrade from Yosemite to Maverick
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    And Yosemite is fine and have used it since Public Beta release last July.

    If Yoemite was on the machine when you purchased it, the ownership of the operating system will still be with the one who used their Apple ID to download it and you will not be able to access updates etc, nor apps from the App Store.. You can set up your own Apple ID and download your own copy and use it to erase and format the hard drive.

    Always a great idea to have your own clean, new operating system on your 'puter which may also remove some of the problems you are experiencing.
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Thanks you guys for taking some of your time to help me. Much appreciated.

    So how could I wipe off the laptop and create my own profile with my own apple ID?

    To make it more complicated, the wi-fi is not working as a message suggesting the is no hardware installed appeared and the wi-fi stopped there anything else I can do to make it work before?
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